For the Love of Feet — A Blue Collar Roundup

I dedicate this roundup to feet. My family’s feet. Gross? Maybe. I got the idea because any time my wife drinks too much, she takes picture after picture of her feet. She doesn’t know why, I don’t know why. It’s a mystery. Our vacation pictures are pretty normal, except there will be random spots of 15 pictures in a row of her feet. I love my wife.

Manly Awesomeness

Blue Collar Workman Foot

My big, ugly foot. Enjoy the view.


It’s no secret, I love tools. And when I read a post about someone finding good quality old tools, I get just a little jealous. And really happy. Way to go, 101 Centavos!

Who doesn’t like a good urinal sign that’s funny? How about a whole list of them.

Military training. Guns. Jeremy from the Blog of Manly gives a pretty crazy rundown of what kind of training our military go through. And then at the end… there’s a great lesson about change. So maybe chicks would like this story too.

Well white collared dudes, you make more money than I do, but I don’t have to read articles about how to stay manly and active with a desk job all day. But I read this article over at Art of Manliness anyway because it’s sorta funny.

If you keep experiencing the same ol’ problem, the same ol’ problem might be you. Seriously dudes, how did it take me so long to find this blog? Thanks, Fearless Men, for existing. And for posting about the things I’ve got to stop doing to myself.

Speaking of awesomeness. Do you have a plan for a zombie apocalypse? Time to start thinking about that. Thanks Narrow Bridge.

Tap, bottle, or can? Do you know which is better? As long as it’s beer, I’m a happy dude, but BarWhiz helps figure out the real answer.

Money Madness – Don’t get mad, get money!

Blue Collar Wife's Foot

Blue collar wife’s foot… the one captured in many a drunken photo


You’re about to get punched in the face by the ninja — get ready — could you be saving 50% of your income? Maybe you already are and don’t know it. Maybe you should do the math. But maybe you should read the Punch Debt in the Face post first.

Joe at Simple Debt Free Finance cut cable. Way to save money and stick it to the man! Well, until the man sticks it right back at ya. Sorry Joe.

Work Save Live has this great post on whether cancelling your credit card(s) will really hurt your credit score. Will it? Are you sure? Better check out the post.

Should you ruin their innocent childhood and teach them about money? Or should you let them stay ignorant and have a future miserable, debtful life? Prairie Eco Thrifter says what you’d think she would — teach those kids about money! But maybe leave out the finer details and crazy acronyms.

Remember how Jeremy at Modest Money wrote about how you should rethink an emergency fund? Well Shilpan took that idea and ran with it, making an awesome followup with even more thoughts and ideas!

Put your money where your mouth is. Earth and Money asks if you’re investing in companies that go against your beliefs. It’s a real noodle scratcher, folks, why I haven’t thought of this before.

You got a little something on your shoulder there. It’s a chip. Maybe you should get that off your shoulder. Or how about this one — You forgot to check something at the door before you started reading this. It’s called your attitude. Check that at the door and then come back and read more. Give Me Back My Five Bucks has a great little post on dropping a bad attitude. A bad ‘tude will make you look bada*s, but it won’t help your finances. And from personal experience, trust me dudes, she’s right!

Some Other Stuff That’s Pretty Freaking Awesome, Too

Blonde on a Budget asks a great question — what to do when you outgrow your stuff? And seriously dudes, what do you do? Head on over to hear about what Cait does.

Well, after deciding to go with the Weaver II theme, mostly because Andrea was so freaking persistent and convincing about it, Thad comes up with a different idea! He thinks we should all be on Thesis. I’m not planning on trying anything new for awhile since I’m still getting used to Weaver II (it’s pretty awesome that I can change font size!). So which do you prefer? Thad’s favorite or Andrea’s?

Pocahontas' Foot

Older daughter, Pocahontas

You click on this link right now and go tell B at Below Her Means what a great job she’s doing staying sober. Go. Now. Do it.

Be one of the cool kids and check out Andrea at her brand new blog, So Over This. You do want to be a cool kid, right? I thought so. So go say hello to her in her new internet home.

When was the last time you rocked out?  For me, it’s every freakin’ day when I drive between job sites. I gotta turn up the tunes and jam to the air guitar or I’d go crazy in the traffic. Matt Madeiro thinks you should rock out, too.

The Happy Guy is that annoying alarm clock buzz. It’s time to wake up, guys.

Do Gen Y kids have an entitlement problem? I definitely know of a few that do! Musings of An Abstract Aucklander tries to get to the bottom of it.

Okay dudes, take a breather after all that and contemplate life. Nickel by Nickel says that it’s a beautiful world, but not always an easy one. Right on, right on.

Awesome Stuff for Me!

Jasmine's foot

Younger daughters’, Jasmine, foot. Can you tell which daughter is the girly girl?


Thanks Funancials for featuring one of the comments I made on your site. Pretty cool and never happened to me before :-)

Free Financial Advisor mentioned my car chalk post in a recent best-of post.

Daisy at Add Vodka recently hosted the Lifestyle Carnival which had a post of mine linked. It’s a pretty sweet carnival, so you should probably check it out.

Funny About Money had me in a roundup, but there’s more than just a roundup to the post. She talks about getting by (or not) without a summer paycheck. Sounds sucky so you should definitely stop by and give her some nice words! (and advice if you know how to kill tree pests)



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    • Well that’s what made it a great article — the controversy! Different ideas on things is a GREAT thing because pf really isn’t one size fits all. That’s for sure.

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