I am  a professional blue collar guy. I do home/building construction and renovations, I install and uninstall all sorts of equipment, windows, security systems, air conditioners, gutters, roofing, bathrooms, fireplaces…. the list goes on and on. I also do snow plowing and welding, and work for a contracting company. I don’t know if this legally qualifies me to give blue collar-type advice. I can only share what works or doesn’t work from my viewpoint, I can only share what contractors do that I think is crappy or not crappy from my viewpoint, and I can only give advice from my viewpoint (you gotta ask yourself, are you sure you seriously want to take advice from a high school dropout?). So if you read something here, choose to apply it, and it sucks, it’s not my fault. If you make a comment and I offer advice or thoughts on it, and it doesn’t work out so great, it’s not my fault. So back off my cheese, man.

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