Demolition Man

I didn’t tell you guys but when the work at my job started to dry up in the holiday months, I also started having some legal things going on with the company I worked with (seems like I’m always involved in something legal, doesn’t it?).

And so dudes, I started looking for a new job and I found one. The pay is twice as much (!) as the place I was at and I actually get benefits. Sweet deal, right?

Here’s the thing – it’s a job doing demolition on the interior of buildings.

The Upside of Being a Demolition Man

I get to break things!

We use hammers, sawzalls, and torches to bust down walls, wreck ceilings, and destroy the inside of buildings. Pretty awesome, dudes! And did I mention the paycheck?

Of course you can’t just start swinging a hammer like a lunatic, there is a way to do things right. And I know how to do that. So it’s a sweet job!

Behold my demolition work:

DemolitionThe Downside of Being a Demolition Man

It’s a tough physical labor job. It’s harder on you than being a carpenter or welder, which is what I was at my last job.

You get cut, bruised, scratched, and scraped every day.

Behold the stitches I had to get yesterday:

Stiches_physical injuryAnd respiratory stuff is a problem. There’s particulate stuff in the air that gives demolition men a life expectancy of 55. Yeah, you read right, 55. Not so great.

I’m hoping to put in my time at the new company (which is honestly a great company, more honest than my last one!) and move up the ranks a little so that maybe I can not die at 55 from respiratory illness.


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  1. Be safe. Obviously there’s a reason the pay is so much higher, as you pointed out with all of the risks. If it were me, I’d save the extra income you’re bringing in so that you can have the financial flexibility shortly down the road to go back to something a bit less risky in a relatively short period of time.
    Money Beagle recently posted..Promises Are Meant To Be BrokenMy Profile

  2. Doesn’t the company provide a respirator? If not, shouldn’t you buy one? There is a lot of nasty stuff flying around in demolition. Remember to take care of yourself because you won’t feel the results for years.
    krantcents recently posted..Should Age Matter?My Profile

  3. Way to go on the new job better pay …..get a respirator……now that said I was a carpenter for 30 years but I started out as a labor/demo man that is where the fun is ….i switched for better pay and steady work but I always said I was a labor at heart….the big question do you get to scrap out as you demo or does the company get it?

  4. Congrats on the new gig and the pay raise. I’m with others in telling ya to get a respirator….good investment…and it should be deductable on taxes. It would be cool if you get to keep the scrap….copper is almost $3 a pound and metal is back up to 10 cents in this neck of the woods.

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