Demolishing Marble Floors

Marble FloorIn my old job and new one, I see people requesting work that’s ridiculous. Hey, I’ve got no problem doing it, but sometimes people are ridiculous.

I just finished demolishing this marble floor that was only 3 years old. THREE YEARS! The new tenant says that he wants new flooring. And since most businesses in the area fail within 3 years, this place was right on target for a turnover in ownership.

It’s crazy to tear up a perfectly good, and pretty sweet looking, marble floor.

I think new tenants/owners should look at a new place and make interior plans based on what’s already there – instead of starting from scratch in their head and forcing a building interior to fit their “vision.” It’s cheaper to work with what’s already there and customers like to see “historical” things maintained.

My partner and me got this whole floor up in only 2 hours!! It was a fast demolition!


Demolishing Marble Floors — 16 Comments

    • hardwood is nicer for homes I think. sometimes it seems like people change things up just because they’re bored or think that it’s expected, which is ridiculous.

  1. I think what was crazy was installing marble flooring in the first place. If I bought a place that had it, I’d keep it until they started falling apart, but marble isn’t a material I would pick in the first place. There are plenty of ways to make flooring look expensive while not actually being expensive.
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