Dealing With the Neighbor From Hell

My neighbor and I don’t get along. He’s this young guy who moved back in with his parents, lives in their basement, and has no job. The only thing I know of that he does during the day is bother me and my family.

Rocks newly moved 6 inches away from fence

Once he called the cops because he didn’t like where I was grilling.

Once he called the cops because I was building an addition onto my garage and he thought it was too noisy (and wanted to get me in permit trouble). I’m not dumb, I had a permit.

He called the cops once because he thought that I planted some bushes on their property. (I didn’t)

After they built a fence, he called the cops because he thought I had put some gravel (that was on my side of the fence) too close to the fence. Apparently, you can’t do anything within 6 inches of someone’s fence.

His father fixes lawn mowers for part of their income and I gave them my mower once because it was busted and I didn’t have time to figure out the problem. After 3 weeks of not getting my mower back I went over there and the father wouldn’t deal with me, I had to talk with the son. I asked when it would be ready and he said it would take longer. Another week goes by and I ask again. The son says it’ll take longer and take more money. I told him to give me back the mower then. He called the cops for harassment. Ridiculous, right?

A pretty accurate representation of my neighbor

I think you get the picture here. The cops are sick of coming out for this guy. And in most of the cases, it’s not even the cops that come out, it’s the village ordinance lady. I know her now and she’s sick of coming out for this guy.

Just last week my daughter (fake name: Pocahontas) was playing basketball in our driveway. Pocahontas missed the basket once, the ball winged off the rim, and flew into my neighbor’s yard. And that guy came out and yelled at the top of his lungs at my daughter. Oh man, I almost lost my sh*t.

He might not like me for whatever reason, but don’t F with my kids dude.

Am I innocent in all this? Welllll…. mostly. I mostly ignore him and mostly let his dumb stuff just roll off my back.

Except about a year ago. He pissed me off so bad that I just had to get some revenge. I posted an ad on Craig’s List for him. It said something like, “I’m a whiney little baby and live in my parents basement. I need to move out because they don’t want me anymore. I need help moving out. I’ll pay anyone $500 who comes and helps.”

Well, that’s a lot of money. So a lot of dudes showed up at his doorstep that day. He was absolutely fuming and I know it’s not cool, but I felt so freaking satisfied.

And I can admit to this scheme because, as always, he called the cops. And unlike other times, I got in trouble. Big trouble. All the legal fallout is over now, but boy did that feel good to do at the time.

But for a real, actual solution to my neighbor problem?  I don’t know what to do. ??

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Dealing With the Neighbor From Hell — 30 Comments

  1. That is a horrid neighbor. It makes me feel “grateful” that the worse thing mine does is let his friends drive/park on our lawn (hasn’t happened since the last time we had a talk so maybe it’s done?). How we got around our neighbors was just by talking to the girlfriend of the guy who also lived there. Sounds like that won’t work in this situation though.

    • Oh man, your neighbor has friends park on your freaking lawn? That’s pretty bad. Hopefully your talk sticks and it doesn’t happen again!

  2. It sounds like this guy has some problems integrating into society. … Which is probably why he doesn’t have a job. Can you imagine hiring someone who acts that way to interact with a team or interact with customers?

    I think your blog is really interesting!

    So where is the wrap-up to the “Road Rage With a Gun” story? Do I gotta wait till sweeps week to see how that turned out? :–)

    • Haha, that’s funny, maybe you’re right about why he doesn’t have a job! The Road Rage with a Gun thing is still ongoing — no wrapup yet!

  3. Sounds like a pretty brutal neighbor. I would probably just lose it on him. He’s obviously got some mental problems to be snapping at such minor stuff like that. I do love your revenge with the craigslist ad though. I have no idea how to deal with him that won’t just cause him to call the cops more. Pretty lousy situation.
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    • Yeah, it is lousy. I get pissed sometimes and do things like the Craigslist thing, but it really isn’t a permanent fix, I think it only makes things worse. Not sure what to do!

  4. Sounds horrible! This guy is a lot of trouble. Since he’s called the cops many times and they’ve come out without good reason, it sounds like harrassment. Check your legal rights on this. Maybe there’s something you can do through the police or through the court that will get him to shut the hell up and leave you – and your family – in peace. Perhaps a restraining order? Keep an accurate log of all contacts from him, complaints, visits from police, everything he says, etc, in case you need to present your case. This really sounds like harrassment to me, and I’d look deeper into it. And if you are able, you might want to consider speaking to a lawyer about sending him a letter demanding that he cease and desist from this harassment, which is ruining your enjoyment of your home and your life. And mention that if he doesn’t, you’ll take legal action.
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  5. I hate to be judgmental about this, but that neighbor of yours sound like a real DICK! What business does he have making all of these complaints when he isn’t even the homeowner? He’s just an adult-child living in his parents’ basement; and he doesn’t even have a damn job. Boy, if he had yelled at my daughter, I wouldn’t lost my mind.

    Honestly, I don’t know how to answer this one. But, I liked what you did to get revenge; even though it was the wrong thing to do.
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  6. Your neighbor sounds HORRIBLE! I’m so sorry that you have to deal with it. We once had a horrible neighbor, we have to move because that was the only way. Long story short, he ended up killing the person who moved into the rental house right after us. I know this because the rental house belonged to my bf’s cousin. Not saying this will happen to you of course, but crazy neighbors are out there!
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    • He ended up killing the next tenant?? That’s INSANITY!!! Moving was a GREAT idea on your part! Man, there are whackos out there.

      • Yup! He punched the guy in the back of the head at our old rented house. Then he left him there and the guy suffered for a whole week before his ex-wife was wondering what happened to him, and she stopped by the house to find him dead.

        And yeah it was INSANE. The cops were always sneaking around OUR house so that they could peak into his house and watch him. He was a disaster and around 25 years old, living at home, and always in and out of jail.
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  7. hee hee heeeeeeee! That Craig’s List ad is too, too good. Aren’t you glad he’s not YOUR son?

    In my experience, creeps like this tend to be transient. That said, “transient” could mean they hang around for a number of years. But sooner or later they move on. Or get thrown out, as was the case of the beloved Dave, former proprietor of Dave’s Used Car Lot, Marina, and Weed Arboretum, an establishment across the street from my place.

    So your choices are either to lay low and stick it out or to sell the shack and find a new place to live. Far as I’ve been able to tell, that’s about the size of it. {sigh}
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  9. I can sympathize, my previous neighbors had a grown son with out of control schizophrenia. We didn’t have the cops called on us but they would visit next door. 3 cops and a dog would be the minimum man/dog power that they used. He went to jail for beating up his mom, weapons offences, and god knows what else. I slept with the security system fully armed, the dog wandering at will and one eye open for a few years!
    His behavior was so bizarre, it kind of sounds like there is a psych problem next door to you too. I would keep a record of his harassment and of course the police, city people would have what he has already done/reported you for on file. I think that legal action for harassment is your best course.
    When he starts with your kids (as he has done already) it has to stop. I think that the legal system may work quicker because of it.
    Good luck!

    • That sounds crazy! The security system would’ve made me feel better too, but man, that’s just crazy. Harassment of my kids should speed up the legal system, that’s a great point, thanks

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  11. Hehe, your revenge story sounds like something my boyfriend would do, especially the “yeah it was bad but it felt damn good!”. Neighbors are tough. I live in a small apartment complex and having those kinds of neighbors is annoying. Have you ever been sitting and having a normal conversation only to be interrupted by a domestic disturbance-type fight? It’s very disturbing, and yet, you know you don’t want to get involved.
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  12. At my condo we had an interesting neighbour… she wasn’t as horrid as yours, but she would sneak onto our patio and vigourously clean it at odd hours of the day. The first time she did it, I was so terrified, I thought someone was breaking in!
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