Cleaning Up the Storm Fallout

A lot of places around the country got hit by this huge storm system. Trees down, branches down, electricity out for millions…it was mayhem, dudes! Now most people have back their electricity, but a few days ago when I was still getting better from my car accident, a lot of the guys in the company got put on jobs to help out with the cleanup. I got put on these jobs too.

If you’ve seen Twister, then you know how bad this storm is about to become.

My sister was telling me how all these guys where she works have been complaining about how long it’s taking to get power back to their homes and get trees and branches removed.

And so if any of you dudes are like those dudes, then let me break it down for you like a fraction (that’s from Ocean’s 11, I can’t take credit). It’s HARD WORK. If you think mowing your lawn one weekend day and doing some weeding is tiring, try lifting and moving branches around for hours every single day! Some have to get sawed, some just dragged away, and a lot of houses have branches down on the roof. And like I said about roofs, to go up on roofs and remove branches and trees is dangerous. And hard.

And did I mention that it’s hotter than hell out? It’s over 100F every day when I was doing this work, and that means that we’ve got to stop a lot to drink water and rest. It’s easy to pass out when you’re hauling branches and downed trees all day.

It’s just neighborhood after neighborhood of this, too. So if you’re looking into your backyard and thinking it’s not so hard for someone to come and haul away one giant branch, you’re right. One branch is easy. One yard is easy. But times that by thousands, and you can see how much work needs to get done.

A lot of cities that got hit by these storms had city workers and electricians from other cities coming in to help. I don’t know if we ever got help because I only had to do that for a couple days, and have been moved to other job sites.

I would say that if you really want things done fast, you should do them yourself (it’s the surest way to get it done right and for the right price!), but in the case of a storm like this, you’ve got to be careful about power lines and dealing with electricity. Trees and branches all caught up in power lines is pretty dangerous, so steer clear of that!



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    • Then you know exactly what I”m talking about! :-) Even though it’s hot, I do appreciate that I get to be outside all day, it’s pretty awesome.

  1. Around here the dudes removing tree branches and all that have been working from 6AM – 10PM, while the rest of us sit on our kiesters listening to crank radio and complaining about the lack of computer and TV (that was us a week ago.)

    Also, one of my husband’s bandmates is a blue collar workman like yourself and he spent the other day laying brick or concrete or something in 100+ weather. We asked how he could stand it and he said, “I’m used to it.” !! And he has long hair and one of those ZZ-top beards (down to mid-chest.) !!!

    • Haha, man, long hair and a beard… I shaved my head to make the 100+ weather bearable! Laying concrete is hot work, about as hot as the roofing I do. Gotta drink lots of water!

  2. Some people are such prima donas. They complain about some of the most ridiculous stuff. You guys have a whole lot of clean up to do, and they don’t get finished in a couple of minutes. It can take days (even weeks) to clean up tree trunks and branches. Plus, you’re doing it in 100 degree heat. It’s easy to get sick and pass out in those temperatures. I passed out last week from heat exhaustion. Come on, folks! Get a damn life!
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