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In my new job, I work demolishing city buildings and don’t have to drive my truck all around the suburbs anymore going to different job sites.

It’s been awesome because driving all over the city drove me crazy with all the bad drivers and traffic. Seriously dudes, people are crazy.

CommuteMy new way to get to work? The train! Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. You get to let someone else drive and all you have to do is sit and look out the window.

Every morning I catch the train and sleep on the way to the city. Every evening, I read the city paper on the way back home.

Not dealing with traffic has been radically radical. If you’re a commuter who sits in traffic every day, man, you don’t even realize how awesome it is on the train! Take the train if you can!

And if you’re a commuter who takes the train, man, don’t ever forget how awesome it is.


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  1. Here’s another great alternative if you can pull it off… ride a bike! It’s healthy and cheap. You can spend your commutes contemplating and coming up with plans to save the world from North Korea.
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    • Haha, yeah man, I keep hearing about North Korea on the radio. I’m confused about why no one seems to be doing anything but just sorta standing around and saying, “stop” and they say, “no.” Do I have that about right?

  2. %This may sound crazy but i earned my Bachelors degree on the F train in NYC. I used to spend an hour each way commuting on the train. Since I started college while I was employed full time I used that those hours to study and do homework! At least on the way to work in the morning when I could get a seat relatively easy!
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    • That’s exactly it! You don’t have to worry about other drivers, stoplights, pedestrians, directions, one-way streets… you just get on the train and relax!

  3. I love public transportation! My preferences for getting around are 1) walking; 2) biking; 3) public transportation; 4) driving. While I do occasionally bike to the office (weather permitting), I never drive there and usually take public transit. But I enjoy taking the el, train, or bus even on non-work days. It’s so much nicer to have someone else do the driving and to be able to sit back with my knitting, read a book, or just watch the world go by. :-)
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  4. It’s hard to imagine why people want to live in the suburbs. The housing may be cheaper, but over time you’ll spend more on gas than you’ll save on the mortgage. And by the time you pay off that cheaper mortgage, you’ll have torn out all your hair from the stress of driving with all those whack-job motorists! If you survive that long…

    I live in the middle of the city. My house costs no more than something comparable would cost in the ‘burbs, but instead of living on a postage stamp crammed elbow-to-elbow with the neighbors, I have a quarter-acre of low-maintenance, tree-shaded land. We have a decent public school (no worse than any in this state), a wide choice of charter schools, and several excellent private & parochial schools. Though I have to drive four miles to get to a grocery store where I feel safe in the parking lot, it’s a LOT closer than the stores where my friend lives, in the farthest of the city’s far-flung suburbs, and I have a choice of three Costco’s within easy driving distance. And the even crazier thing is, traffic is much worse in the ‘burbs, because all those berzillion people living out there spend their lives on the road, trudging to work and shopping.

    We don’t have a train, but we do have this light-rail joke they’re building. Holds up the traffic and takes an hour to make the equivalent of a 20-minute drive. And you, too, can spend that hour sharing a seat with a bag dude who hasn’t bathed in a month. 😀
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  5. I take public transportation everywhere. Although the wait times can get long, it sure beats driving! That’s nice you get to take the train now and don’t have to drive as much anymore. I don’t get a seat that often when I’m commuting so I don’t really get to sleep but I’ll surf the web if I have a hand free.
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  6. Man I commend you on the commute. I work on the road and drive around all day to meet with people, but it’s part of the day. I recently got offered a promotion, but I’d have to relocate or drive 4hrs a day. I considered taking the train so I could still blog, but ultimately, I just couldn’t stomach selling my life away!
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    • 4 hours a day! Man, that’s so much, and sadly I think that it’s not totally out of the ordinary. I think not taking that job is a good move, you have life to live, you don’t want to lose it in the car!

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