Caulking and Re-Caulking

This caulk job is so bad it looks like it was done by an idiotic 5 year old.

Something I never like having to do for my job is fixing other people’s shoddy work. Of course, it happens A LOT(that’s two different links there because stories of me fixing other people’s bad work are a-plenty!).

I had to work 8 hours outside in 96°F weather (for you non-Americans, 96°F is equivalent to freaking hot) fixing a mistake that two guys in my own company made! They had done a caulking job on the side of this townhouse, and man, they did a terrible job.

So when the tenant complained (if a contractor does such a bad job or cuts a corner so badly that the tenant notices that very day, then you know it’s bad), my boss sent me out to fix the whole thing.

Fixing it wasn’t hard, but was tedious. I had to scrape out their entire caulking job and re-caulk it all myself.

The moral is: Do it right the first time. That way the boss doesn’t lose money. Because when the boss loses money, he gets mad. And when the boss gets mad, everyone is mad.

I don’t like fixing other people’s mistakes. I have an issue with that.



What I would rather have been doing in 96F weather


Photo credit: Sprinkler



Caulking and Re-Caulking — 9 Comments

  1. Wow that caulking job is pretty brutal. What was he smoking that day? It’s one thing to cut corners where the client won’t notice, but to do so in such an obviously visible spot is just stupid. On the bright side, being the go-to guy to fix other people’s mistakes shows how much better your work is and how the boss relies on your skill.
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