I’ve got this firepit out back of my house and use it to burn boxes and stuff sometimes.  Trash service costs a lot, so it’s a good idea for us.  So like always, I pour some gasoline on there and stick my hand in there with a lighter to light the boxes.  Whooosh!  Too much gasoline.  I burned the hair off my arm and got some nasty burns on my ring and pinky fingers.  Is this what a 3rd degree burn looks like?

Since I did this exact same thing to myself before, I knew what the ER would do for my hand and so I just did it myself (keep it clean, used leftover cream with silver in it).  Of course not going to the ER meant I didn’t get any happy pills this time around.

My wife's breath in the morning will melt the skin right off you

You’d think after already doing this to myself once I’d have learned my lesson, but no!  Without any matches, maybe next time I’ll use the lighter to light a piece of paper and throw that in to light it.


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  1. lol We used to use diesel to start fires. I think that is slightly safer? :) Otherwise, dryer lint stuffed into egg cartons or toilet paper rolls works great as a fire starter.

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