Blue Collar Roundup — Christmas Wrapping Paper Edition

Christmas is almost here. And what’s better than a blog roundup filled with pictures of Christmas wrapping paper? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. And you’re welcome.

Christmas wrapping paper_1Let’s Talk About Non-Money Stuff

Plunged in Debt talks about a reason for higher divorce rates these days. Gotta give it up for a blogger taking on a big, debated topic.

Financial Samurai wants to know – do you want to get fired? How to get laid off, using the It’s not you, it’s me but it’s really you” strategy.

Bet you thought Will Smith was just another dumb actor… well Fearless Men make you think again!

Fights and goals and plans are won or lost well before you’re in the spotlight. What the heck am I talking about? Better read this post from SavvyScot to find out!

Well Club Thrifty, I think a lot of us dudes can relate. It’s difficult shopping for women.

Marc and Angel Hack Life have these 9 things that you need to chill out about. It’s a great list, man, and right on. Right on.Christmas wrapping paper_3

Do longevity calculators work? Could being relaxed at 6 years to your life? What about getting enough sleep? Does Aunt Joan’s healthiness at 83 matter to you? What about Uncle Bob’s coronary? Good questions, good questions. My favorite Get Rich Slowly writer, Robert Brokamp, can answer them all for you.

My youngest daughter has finally gotten out of the stage of always saying “no.” And I don’t miss it at all. But for adults, The Debt Myth asks, should we be trying to say “no”?

Haha, man, do you remember that scene in Wayne’s World when he gets a gun rack from that chick? Planting Our Pennies talks about that scene which means that you should definitely click over and see what she has to say. It’s Wayne’s World dudes, go check it out.

Christmas wrapping paper_6Don’t make a resolution this year. Seriously dudes, don’t. Ready for Zero tells you why.

Let’s Talk About Money Stuff

Over at Yakezie, Financial Samurai has a bit on online income versus regular day-job income. Why is there a double standard? I never thought about it, but he’s right!

The Frugal path asks, would Scrooge McDuck use plastic today, or still cash?

Daisy bought a house, dudes. Head on over to Add Vodka and hear about it.

WorkSaveLive asks a great question about how you view your money. So, how do you view it?

Frugal Rules has a great post about comparison shopping. I hate shopping, but I hate getting ripped off even more. So dare to compare, dudes, dare to compare.Christmas wrapping paper_4

I like cheap. Do you like cheap? Of course you like cheap. Edward Antrobus has 7 ways to stay warm this winter for cheap. Hey, it’s even cheap to click on the link and head over. You can’t lose!

Fabulously Broke has a funny list of things broke people say. It’s funny because I hear people say some of these things all the time! “I deserve a treat” Ridiculous!

What’s life like one year after beginning self employment? Andrea at So Over This has the answer on that one.

I like tips. Especially tips that don’t suck. Modest Money has some tips on living a richer life. And they don’t suck. So click over and see them.

Awesome Bloggers Who Mentioned Me

Christmas wrapping paper_2Funny About MoneyWeirdly Hectic Few Days

gina valley mentioned Blue Collar Workman in a recent laugh log of hers. Haven’t checked out the laugh log? Do it. You’ll laugh.

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