Blue Collar Roundup — The Awesome 80s Movies Edition

For this edition of the Blue Collar roundup, I’d like to nod to my favorite movies of the 80s.  Good times, good times.


Chuck Norris versus Terminator. That’s something I want to see.

Manly Stuff
Did someone say shotgun? Here’s a beginners guide to shotguns.  I feel like more of a man already.

A blog post about blue collar work! I’ve had a rough road finding other blue collar posts anywhere, but I found one over at Funny About Money, and that’s pretty awesome.

How to Do Freaking Everything. To: You. From: Matt.

Camping. Out in the woods, building a fire, burning stuff in the fire, the chance of an epic bear battle.  What’s not to love about camping?


Daddy Stuff (we did just have father’s day, afterall)

Maybe you’re thinking your Father’s Day gifts sucked this year. Maybe that means you should be a better dad. Don’t get down on yourself, man, let Leo fix you up.

May the Schwartz be With You.

Yeah allright, it’s corny. But there are some good songs for dads out there.

Money Stuff
A Blinkin (say that out loud.  No for real, do it) wants to save you money on TVs. And he also wants you to pick up chicks. Not a bad deal. Here’s how it’s done.

Jeremy at Modest Money has something to say about your heart. And your money. Listen, they don’t belong together, they shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. Which is why I put them into two sentences.

So you’re young. That’s not your fault. But what is your fault is making the dumb money move of not thinking about retirement. Daisy can help you avoid that.

Because it’s their time. Their time! Up there! Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here.

Blog Stuff
Andrea from Curiosity Killed the Blog always has ways to improve blogs, and this post is no different. Get those blog basics going so you don’t look like a fricken hack.

I’m not a big etiquette kinda dude, but Jeremy makes some good points on good blogging etiquette.

Random Stuff
Thinking about changing careers? I am (post soon to come on that!). Sydney has some good ideas on what to do and think about before you dive in.

Do you do the whole carpe diem thing? Got that unlimited thinking thing going on? Erika will fill you in on the positives and negatives of that.

So you want to run a marathon?  Me neither. But I thought it was crazy radical how Happy Homeowner has run 29 of them! So if you want advice on how to do that, she’ll give it to you straight.

C’mon people, we hear over and over again about how we’re supposed to live. So here’s your prescription on that from Modern Monkey Mind.

I was freaking in love with the empress from the Never Ending Story.

Crop circles? They’re awesome. I don’t care who makes them, I just know that they’re awesome. So consider this about crop circles.

Be nice to people, damn it! At least that’s what Plowing Through Life has to say. Can you really disagree though?

I now want tacos, thanks Work Save Live. Enough said.

So listen, I rock the vote every election, but of course think that it does nothing. Does anyone else see anything getting better? I never do. But here’s a little something you can do to affect federal regulations. Pretty cool (Thanks for telling me about this, sis!).

Awesome Stuff for Me That’s Meaningless For You

I got mentioned in two, count ’em two!, roundups recently. One was over at Funny About Money and the other was at From Shopping to Saving (and hey, she broke her toe, so be extra nice).  Thanks for being cool, guys.

I got into a Disney Carnival (yep, there is such a thing as a Disney Blog Carnival).

I have been newly admitted to the Yakezie Lifestyle directory (along with some other awesome bloggers like Thad  and an introverted Aucklander).  Know that little “Lifestyle Blog” doohickey on the right side of my page? That’s what that means, people!

No disassemble! Johnny 5…is alive!

But that’s not it, heck no it’s not. I also got myself in a new directory, Picket Fence Blogs. Perhaps you’ve noticed the “We’re on the Fence” thinger on the right side of the page.

That’s it.  And I won’t do anything super cheesy like ending this post with Ahnold’s quote, I’ll be back.


Photo Credits: Johnny 5, Goonies, Spaceballs, The Terminator , The Neverending Story





Blue Collar Roundup — The Awesome 80s Movies Edition — 14 Comments

  1. What a great post! Loved it. And I loved Johnny 5; yes, he was alive — and hilarious. Personally, my money is on Chuck Norris. That man seems immortal. Although I do like the terminator better because I LOVE a man on a motorcycle (got me one of those at home :) Not sure if Chuckie rides one…hmmm… I was also pleasantly surprised to find a link to my blog. Thanks so much, TB.
    Plowing Through Life (Martha) recently posted..The PhotoshootMy Profile

  2. Ahhh good ol 80s movies. They sure were a lot better when it wasn’t all about propping up a weak storyline on a bunch of expensive special effects. I really should check some of those movies out again.

    And thanks for including my post in this round up.

    Also, pretty awesome that you made it in a Disney roundup lol. How did you manage to find that? Does someone have a secret Disney obsession?
    Modest Money recently posted..The Latte Factor ExplainedMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the mention! Oh man I love all of those 80’s movies! I crack up laughing every time I watch Space Balls and I still find things I missed the previous go ’round. I can’t believe the Arnold is coming out with a new movie. I forget what it’s called but it looks like it’ll be good entertainment. I still can’t believe he was our Governor lol.
    Untemplater recently posted..How To Cure An Addiction To Poker and GamblingMy Profile

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