Blue Collar Roundup — Sometimes People Don’t Suck

Sometimes people suck. Actually, most of the time people suck. But sometimes they’re funny. While you check out this nice short roundup, you can also check out some pictures I took of people being funny. They’ll make you laugh. And you can even¬†laugh your mouse all the way to clicking on the little orange box in the upper right corner. It’s hilarious how awesome my RSS feed is.

Stick figure familyFearless Men have a couple quotes worth checking out. Don’t miss the Steven Pressfield one — because dudes, there will always be fear, it’s what you do with it — cry like a little b$*#!^ or man up?

Daisy at Add Vodka has a story about putting a vent in her bathroom DIY. Some projects seem big and scary, but I always applaud when people use the internet, use youtube, do the research, and do it themselves. You save A TON of money that way and you make sure it’s done right!¬†Way to go, Daisy!

Is your blog starting to do well? You can tell by the fact that you might be getting tons of emails about people wanting to do “high quality” guest posts and just generally confusing advertisement-type emails. I usually delete them because they confuse me and I’m wary of dudes trying to confuse me. Is this your situation too? Because Jeremy at Modest Money has a GREAT post that helps explain this kind of thing so you don’t get cheated, scammed, bamboozled, or anything sucky like that. Dump Body Here

Best way to handle your finances? Revise your plan. Again. And again. We should do that with a lot of things in life actually. But The Simple Dollar thinks you should start with your finances.

Lost your adsense account recently? Me too. And Budget Blonde. Looks like a lot of us bloggers have gotten click bombed recently (a term I just learned). Which sucks. I haven’t appealed yet to get my account back. But reading about Budget Blonde’s story makes me think maybe there’s some hope!

Thanks to Budgeting in the Fun Stuff for an awesome mention of my blog.


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    • No problem, from talking with a couple more bloggers, it startin’ to sound like there’s a conspiracy happening. Hard to say though.

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