Blue Collar Roundup – River Ice Balls

Guess what’s coming up next week? A GIVEAWAY! Dudes, you read right, the first ever Blue Collar Workman giveaway is coming up next week. I can sense your excitement. Be like Yoda and channel that excitement into reading some of these great blog posts below that I found this week. May the good blog posts be with you.

River Ice

What do river ice balls look like? This, they look like this.

101 Centavos is a blog that’s pretty awesome. I’ve never gone there and read something that I’ve seen somewhere else. Yeah, it’s unique stuff. But enough a5s kissing, do you want to hear something about the Chinese and their food? Maybe you don’t care about the Chinese and their food, but you do think that they’ll take over the world someday soon. After reading this, I think maybe that won’t happen.

How are the Jones doing these days? Update: They’re brokeMy Personal Finance Journey gives the details. And hey dudes, maybe they’re not broke and they are perfect, but what’s that matter to you?

All Things Finance wants to tell you about the differences between dudes and chicks when it comes to money. Turns out, men and women both suck a little when it comes to money, but in different ways. Knowledge is power, dudes, so check out the deal!

What’s a Diderot and what kind of effect does it have on your life? I didn’t know either, but now I do. Which means I got smarter and you’re staying the same. So get smarter. Go to Afford Anything and learn about the Diderot Effect.

Plunged in Debt did some tire shopping recently and I’ve gotta give it up to them over there. They shopped around and did their homework – good work, gumshoes!


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