Blue Collar Roundup — Old Barn Photographs Edition

Red barnSome of my family is supportive enough of Blue Collar Workman that they send me pictures they take that they think I could maybe use. On a recent roadtrip, a family member took some pictures of old barns they saw. And so that is what this blue collar roundup is dedicated to, old barn photographs.

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Make Yourself More Awesome

The Fearless Men are at it again makin’ you think. Here’s some questions to ask yourself daily.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? That Big Mac yesterday doesn’t count. TheDilapidated barn hidden by trees Finance Fox has a whole list of ways that you could and should be investing in yourself.

Funny About Money has a very deep look into life, death, eternity, and misery. Where does your life stand? Your decisions?

I found the Web Ninja not that long ago and think he’s pretty freaking awesome. Check out this post on adsense – are your ads in the right place? The answer for me is of course, no. Live and learn, right?

Punch Debt in the Face has one simple thing to say to you. Get your sh*t together. Now go see what he’s talking about exactly.

Brown barn tin roofLet’s Talk About Money

Check out Daisy’s post at Prairie Eco-Thrifter on DIY weddings. My wife and I had a courthouse marriage, and last year decided that for our 10 year anniversary we’d have a ceremony and reception (a 10 year late celebration!) — too bad we didn’t have these DIY tips when we were planning the celebration!

Sam at the Financial Samurai asks, why do some people always spend more than they earn? Logic isn’t enough, people!

So how guilty do you feel when you actually go ahead and spend some money? Be honest, are you so frugal that you feel guilty every time you spend? Thanks for making us think, Jeremy from Modest Money.

The Money Beagle takes a look at paying off your mortgage early. My wife and I have this plan so that we can use our money for investing in other places. What do you think?Brown and blue barn

Just when I think I was figuring it all out… maybe mutual funds aren’t so great. See what you think over at the Dividend Trader.

I agree with Mom’s Plans 100% about going through your home and getting rid of old stuff. She suggests donating things and getting the tax deduction, but for me, I think you should sell stuff. You’d be surprised how much things sell for. My sister just sold an old DVD set of hers for $55! I always sell old things that I fix up and really can rake in the money. What’s great too, is that through Craig’s List, you get to meet lots of new people — there aren’t as many creepy people out there on Craig’s List as you’d think.

Well Thanks for Thinking of Me

Standard red barn with grain siloThanks for the blog mentions and links Fearless Men (twice!which makes them twice as rad!), Funny About Money, Modest Money101 Centavos, Fix Em Up Rent Em Out, Eyes on the Dollar, and Debts n Taxes.

Thanks for the twitter lovin’ @ModestMoney (Modest Money), @BogofDebt (Bog of Debt), @OneSmartDollar (One Smart Dollar), @littlehouse2009 (Little House in the Valley), @Fearless_Men (Fearless Men), and @Debt_n_Taxes (Debts n Taxes), @FrugalRules (Frugal Rules), @MarriedWithDebt (Married (With Debt)), @MasterTAOSaving (Master the Art of Saving), and @seedebtrun (See Debt Run).

Couple Carnivals I was in:

Yakezie Carnival over at the Financial Management Blog, the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie over at Planting Money Seeds, the Carnival of Retirement over at Club Thrifty, and the Wealth Artisan carnival.



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