Blue Collar Roundup: More License Plates Edition

Enjoy yourself by looking at more license plate pictures and reading some cool stuff from the webbernets. And if you subscribe to my RSS feed (orange box, upper right corner), I’ll give you a cookie. Except I probably won’t. But you can still subscribe anyway.

West Virginia license plateTake Care of Yourself

Interested in laughing your balls off? Then click over to Fearless Men and read some Ron Swanson quotes.

Sometimes good enough is better than worrying over perfect. Leo Babauta explains it better than me.

Naked Girl in a Dress says that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Right on. A “good enough” something is better than a perfect nothing.

Now that Planting Our Pennies has laid out how much it costs to be healthy, someone needs to figure out how much it costs to not be healthy. I bet it costs more to be a couch potato in the long run!

I know this is the second Fearless Men link, but I gotta give a shout out to you office worker dudes out there: start pumping that iron! And make it intense! Ohio license plate

Do me a favor and tell Miss T at Prairie Eco-Thrifter to get some fricken sleep. Isn’t there a quote about candles burning from two ends or something?

We Likes the Moneys

Wealth Informatics talks about averages and how companies take advantage of that. Are you being taken advantage of?

Andrea from So Over This talks about money, wants, and needs. Are you at the point yet when you want to stop spending and actually do stop spending?

We all want to make extra money, here’s some imaginative ways from Modest Money on how to do that.

You were wondering which debt payoff strategy is best for you, right? Don’t worry, WorkSaveLive can help you out.

“Omigod, like, gag with me a credit card and put me on layaway!” Sound familiar? Your Wealth Effect tells how ‘retail therapy’ works on people.

Alaska license plateOther Cool Stuff

Remember when I talked about an HOA legal battle? Well, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff now has her own little battle with a Homeowner’s Association from hell.

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