Blue Collar Roundup — License Plates Edition

There have been some good posts recently around the web, so allow me to point them out…while you get to gaze at the license plates from different states. Cool, huh? You can say thanks by clicking on the little orange box in the upper right corner of the screen and subscribing to my feed!


Becoming Minimalist gives some thoughtful advice on how to be a one-income family. My wife and I have done it for years and I make very little being a blue collar guy, especially after 2008. My wife is a wiz at budgeting and I’m great at following it exactly — this helps make it work! Well, and my wife is creative at making ends meet and finding freebies.

Guess what’s coming up? The holidays. The bane of every budget and the destroyer of families due to stress. Maybe try some of these inexpensive but thoughtful gifts from Simple Finance.

If you think about it, do you really have Joneses in your life? Planting Our Pennies may be Jones-less.

Broke Professionals ask what paid sick leave is worth. Should employers be legally obligated to provide it? Big questions, big questions. Michigan

Blue Pelican Loans lets you in on the 3 things that are making you not rich. If you’re cool, check it out, and learn why being cool is making you poor.

Budget Blonde explains why taking out a loan can be okay. It’s not the worst thing in the world, and can even help you out!

Modest Money offers up some ways to get your finances in order by the New Year. This is something you should read. Now. As in, at this very moment. So go, we’ll be here when you come back.

Being Awesome

Work Save Live asks, when did you become a man? Or are you still not? I admit, I was already married before I finally manned up.

Joe from Christian Personal Finance asks a great question about integrity. Is it important in the workplace?

ConnecticutSome bloggers are awesome. And some show that awesomeness more than others. Sam from Financial Samurai has shown his awesomeness right here. Yeah baby, we’re getting political.

Fearless Men have a list of birthday ideas for men. It’s an awesome list. Go there and add to the list. If you’re man enough.

Lotsa bad stuff out there. Lotsa things that make us sick or die earlier. But there are some things that you love that you can actually go ahead and dive in on. Figure out what they are at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

People Who’ve Been Awesome

Funny About Money mentioned the first Blue Collar Workman guest post by Ron Curell as a way to start her own awesome post on coffee shops.

Funny About Money put me in a roundup, Fearless Men put me in roundup 11, Reach Financial Independence put me in a roundup, Frugal Rules put me in a roundup, The Frugal Path put me in a roundup,L Bee and the Money Tree mentioned me in a roundup,Fix Em Up, Rent Em Out mentioned me in a roundup, Modest Money mentioned me in a roundup. Florida

Master the Art of Saving hosted the 25th Lifestyle Carnival with my post in it. Thirty Six Months hosted the Money Pros Carnival with my post in it. The Portfolio Princess hosted the Yakezie Carnival with my post in it. Young and Thrifty included me in their carnival.


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  1. Thanks for the mention! :-)

    LOL! Your license plate pix reminded me of the time Semi-Demi-Exboyfriend found an antique license plate buried under leaves & debris in the forest outside of Flagstaff, using his metal detector. Early Arizona license plates were solid copper — today it’s an amazing thing.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Disaster PreparednessMy Profile

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