Blue Collar Roundup — It’s Still Winter

Welcome to the blue collar roundup.  It’s still cold, it’s still winter, so I got more winter pics for you to see while you go through this list and click on every single one.

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winter 4Cold, Hard Cash

Some people have foodstamps and are bankrupt, but are driving an incredibly expensive car. What’s up with that dudes? Andrea at So Over This tells you what’s up.

What do you think? Want to work for yourself? See what it takes at Modest Money.

Money, Life, and More talks about federal income taxes. You think you know how they work, but do you? Really?

Do you know what a black swan event is? I didn’t. Good thing we’ve got The College Investor around to explain this stuff.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter has this post on the difference between looking rich and being rich. It’s a pretty good sum-up of what it really means to be rich.

Debt Roundup shows how Americans are spending and how we’re in debt. Turns out, the average person spends 30% more than 25 years ago. Serious question that I want a blogger to answer. Why? Are we dumber than before? Do we care more about image? Are advertisers doing better? What the hell is going on, dudes?winter 5

Take Care of Yourself, Dudes

Financial Samurai gives you the professional opinion on how often you need a check-up. My insurance has changed alot over the years, and sometimes I haven’t had it… means that I don’t go like I should!

One Cent at a Time has 10 tips on how to concentrate better at work. Man, the one I like best is relaxing when you’re not working! If I haven’t been resting when I’m not at work, then my work will suck and I’ll hammer my thumb.

My Multiple Incomes talks about virtual assistants. I mention it here, because dudes, I’d never heard of this before.

You might remember that my only resolution this year was to be a good dad. This bit from 3 Boys and a Dog offers 5 tips for being a good parent.

Want to improve the health of your website? Budgeting in the Fun Stuff has a list of things to look for on your website from her advertisers directly!

winter 6Club Thrifty reminds me of why I’m glad my girls are a little bit grown up. Grown up enough that they actually sleep. To those parents who wish they could swear at their children, I’ll do it for you – go the f*ck to sleep!

The College Investor asks us all to assume that we’re physically fit non-smokers. Don’t laugh. Just assume that, and then learn what you should do next.

The Art of Manliness is letting you know how to increase your testosterone levels, dudes. You’ll be surprised, a lot of the ways are things we like to do! Bacon and eggs, anyone?

Ready for Zero has this cool post on finding willpower. But here’s what’s awesome, it’s not just this guy telling you what he thinks – he got a whole panel of you finance bloggers to answer. It’s pretty sweet, dudes.

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    • I agree, man, and it’s crazy. I was like that a bit when I was younger I guess, but once people grow up, you’d think they’d start to understand that everything has to be paid for!

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    • When I was a kid we went skiing sometimes, but not anymore now that I’m the one who has to pay for it! I take my daughters sledding sometimes — it’s pretty awesome.

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