Blue Collar Roundup — It’s Still Spring Yo’s!

It’s still spring, which means I have more springtime pictures to show you while you look at these awesome posts. Do the only thing you really should this springtime and click on the orange box in the upper right corner to subscribe to my feed — oh and pay your taxes.springtime stuff_1

Taxes suck and it’s tax time. Time to figure out if you’re about to get a fat check in the mail or cry like a little baby because you owe. If you owe and are crying like a pansy about it, maybe you’re thinking about just not paying. Financial Samurai tells you what happens if your pansy a5s doesn’t pay.

What’s one way to good ol’ fashioned healthy finances? A healthy brain, of course. The Squirrelers fill in the details.

Mr. Money Mustache has an AWESOME post about the best new prescription available. Seriously dudes, it is the absolute best thing ever in the whole world. You gotta check it out!

spring_2What’s the last thing you want to hear about? Probably obesity and overweight stuff. It’s all we hear about now. And it probably should be, we’re a country of fatsos. But we’re not the biggest in the world. Nope. 101 Centavos tells you what country is the biggest, and more importantly answers that nagging question in your head: Do tamales make us fat?

When was the last time that you said, “Damn, I should clean the gutters today” or “Do I have to go to the parent teacher conferences?” The ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ … Dan Garner over at Zen Presence thinks that maybe you should be taking more responsibility for your life than that.


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