Blue Collar Roundup – It’s Springtime Yo’s

What up yo’s? It’s springtime so you can look at some springy pictures while clicking on these awesome posts. And hey dudes, I promised my next roundup would be shorter and I didn’t lie. Here’s who made the cut this time around:

Spring squirrel

Dudes, this squirrel was eating this flower like his life depended on it, it was crazy!

I’m all about fixing up homes, which is why this post from 101 Centavos is radical. Thinking about increasing the value of your home? You can do it easily! And it’s something you can do that’ll make you happier too.

What’s a manly thing? Power tools of course. What else is manly? Fixing things. Fearless Men talk about these manly things and call into question your manliness. So the final question is, how manly are you?

I like renovations, but mostly because I can do it myself and I know where to get the cheapest materials. So what about you? Fabulously Broke in the City asks if remodeling your home is smart or dumb.

Well, once I get this new TV, then I’ll start saving. Ever said that to yourself? Well wake up! Funancials gives you a slap in the face to knock your brain free – you will not save more later!

So you got this budget, right? But you want to renovate your man cave, right? How can a budget and a renovation see eye to eye? Modest Money can answer that for you.

And just ‘cause it’s funny, here’s one more. Well Heeled Blog is gonna school you on this one – Under water basket weaving is actually a class.Spring flowers


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