Blue Collar Roundup – Fall Grilling Edition

As promised, I’m keeping the roundups to only 5 posts that I thought were radically tubular each week or so. And this week, I’m saluting grilling in the fall. I salute you, fall grillers!

Fall Grilling

Behold, an old school grill

Blonde on a Budget wins this roundup’s best post! She talks about getting sober at 27. It’s always hard to come clean with readers about our pasts, but I came clean about my felony history and I appreciate her coming clean about alcoholism. You’re an awesome chick!

As a blue collar worker, my income is not always so great. The work and income can be erratic and if the economy tanks, workers like me get laid off. So how’s a dude with a small income supposed to save for retirement? Modest Money has 7 tips for how to save for retirement on a small income.

Don’t worry about being a good dad, Financial Samurai. Lots of years ago when I got a girl pregnant, I wasn’t stoked. We weren’t married, I still wanted to party, and I didn’t have a job. People thought I would suck at being a dad. But then my baby girl was born and everything changed. You don’t have to know jack about women to be a good dad to a daughter. You just gotta be there for them and listen and stuff. And boy, my now-junior-high-aged daughter can talk. And I listen. Easy as that.

What are the chances of a straw getting the better of you? What about a 34 year old dude being a virgin? Fearless Men have the answers you need.

I’m a fan of regular car maintenance – just take care of your car, dudes! Debt Roundup covers some things that are common causes of roadside breakdowns.

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Blue Collar Roundup – Fall Grilling Edition — 5 Comments

  1. Great collection of posts to read! My husband has really fallen down on his fall grilling chores…..I think it is time for him to smoke another pork shoulder….. While he’s slaving over the grill I’ll have time to read the linked posts. 😉

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