Blue Collar Roundup — Didn’t Make the Cut Edition

Over here at Blue Collar Workman I take a lot of pictures when I’m on the job in case I end up telling the story of those jobs. But sometimes there isn’t really a story and so I end up with unused photos. And that’s what I dedicate this roundup to: the photos that didn’t make the cut.

Team members only

Team Members Only (aka, people who work here and mostly don’t give a crap)

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Tools and DIY

Not too many blue collar-type blogs out there, but when I catch a good blue collar post, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I Heart Budgets has a nice post asking the question of when you should do it yourself, and when you should call in a pro. I’m all about DIY because (A) you’ll be careful and do a good job, (B) you won’t cut corners, (C) you won’t rip yourself off. But of course that all only works if you know what you’re doing! I promise not to fill out a TPS Report (is that even real? I got it from Office Space), if you promise not to repair your home without doing your research first.

Make sure to check out a guest post at Modest Money on apps that can help when you’re about to DIY on home rennovation!

Make Yourself Awesomer

What are you, a girly man?! Get in there and do those pullups right! Fearless Men never disappoint, here’s another great post on pull-ups.

Judgmental about what people do and don’t do with their money? Fabulously Broke will tell you why that’s dumb.

Mr. Money Mustache has this cool post about fasting being a way to badassity. Fat Guy Skinny Wallet also has words on intermittent fasting. What do you think?

What’s your status? Could you go a year without your smart phone? It’s funny that just a few years ago none of us even had cell phones, and now we’re all addicted! If Budget Blonde can do it, so can you!

Urinal Fun

What’s the best caption you can come up with for this one? (Grand prize is being mentioned in my next post)

Miss T at Prairie Eco-Thrifter has a GREAT post on raising your kids right. It’s always good news when someone puts out a list and I know that I’m following a lot of it already :-)

Who likes to work? Not me. But not working might change my character, I could become a lazy, selfish douche. Go check out what Nurse Frugal has to say on it.

Ever been so happy with your life that you wanted to cry? Then shed a tear at From Shopping to Saving and congratulate her on school starting.

The Simple Dollar has a simple answer to why you’re not getting those goals of yours done…. resistance!  And resistance is all over the place, like bad drivers on the road. How do you get around resistance?

Come Get Your Money

I like this little post from Debt n Taxes about how some people spend their money who are super rich. It’s enlightening, people, and not to be forgotten.

Financial Samurai has some words for you on joining a startup. Before you head over, take this pop quiz: What percent of your startup investments will be homeruns? Okay, now head over and see if you were right.

Frugal Portland has a crazy thought. Be a little irresponsible with money sometimes. It’s okay.


Asphalt Factory Fire

Ever seen an asphalt factory fire? Now you have.

This is a cool post by Fabulously Broke because it shows how budgeting doesn’t have to ruin all your fun or take away all your old habits.

Is just using cash really such a great idea for everyone? Get punched in the face with this post from Punch Debt in the Face about not using cash to limit spending. PF isn’t one size fits all people!

Other Stuff

I’d like to make an addition to Daisy at Add Vodka’s post about people who are selling things. I’d like to add a thank-you to all the anonymous young ladies who have been following me on Twitter and are interested in “live chats.” While that’s very kind and thoughtful, I have a pretty awesome wife and will not require the additional attentions. Now please stop “Follow”ing me.

Andrea at So Over This has a similar, but very different, letter to Paypal about their exemplary service. Thanks for the laugh, Andrea. :-)

Freedom Thirty Five blog has a funny post that shows all sorts of different ways to make your life a little easier.

Looking for a gift for the wife (or girlfriend)? When I saw this post I knew my wife would go apesh*t for something like this. Thanks Preppy Student, now I know what my wife is getting for her birthday!

Allright, it’s a little controversial maybe, and probably as political and controversial as I’ll get, so maybe you don’t want to click, but these old grannies on youtube get a thumbs up from me. Thanks for bringing the grannies to my attention, Funny About Money.

Well Aren’t You Just a Sweet Heart? (that’s what my grandma says when you do something nice for her) — Thanks for the Mentions

Brick Floor

Brick floor I laid — ain’t she a beaut?


B Simple at Simple Financial Lifestyle

Blue Pelican Loans

Funny About Money

Modest Money (and someone thinks that he’s an a*shole blogger, so maybe you should check out the post for a laugh)

Fearless Men

Wealth Artisan

Debt n Taxes

Check out this weekend’s blog walk over at Call Her Happy.

Pardon my Poppet has this Wandering Wednesday blog hop which is pretty cool. Gets new people to your site AND you get to see new sites that you might’ve missed. Next wednesday, head over and get in on the blog hopping!


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  1. I think the thumbs up and the bathroom picture should be together with the captions “Nobody Home!” and “I’m crushing your head…” Or maybe I just watched too much Kids In The Hall way back when and that’s not funny to anyone else =)
    On a slightly different note – TB, do you know why when I added your site to my pulse reader the most recent posts it pulls are from April?
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..PoP Balance Sheet – August 2012My Profile

    • Funny you should mention that, my next post is going to be about not getting taken advantage of when changing your oil! I’ll keep DIY for females in mind for future posts too, thanks!

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