Blue Collar Roundup — Christmas Lights Edition

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Holiday Lights 1In other news, Christmas lights are going up and I think it’s awesome, so check out the photos of lights while you click on all of these awesome reads from around the interwebtubesnet.

Get Awesome

The Dividend Trader has this short post on doing what “ordinary” people do versus what “extraordinary” people do. Be extraordinary, go read it.

Prairie Eco Thrifter has this cool post on how to reuse common items. Think you know it all? You don’t. So check it out!

Gina Valley is a sports fan, my kind of woman!, and has a rant on sports announcers. You won’t want to miss this one.

Gift giving can be tough. Try out one of these ideas from Broke Professionals.

Club Thrifty has a little post on coming to terms with the things that you just don’t want to DIY. Sometimes you just want to hire out work because it sucks to do!

Not sure that I need uses of beer other than drinking it. But if you do, then let Daisy from Add Vodka let you know what else beer does.

How are you treated by others? Can you change that? Fabulously Broke lets you know how you can. It might be easier than you think.

Marc and Angel Hack Life opens your eyes on the 9 good decisions that you need to stop putting off. Just start with one, dudes, and work your way down the list!Holiday Lights 2

Haha, Martha at Plowing Through Life has a great question about horror movies.

Is minimalism awesome? Or does it make you a crappy neighbor? Will it set you up for being prepared in an apocalypse? 101 Centavos has an awesome post about minimalism.

What to get a dude for Christmas. It’s not hard to figure out — Fearless Men have 4 ideas that will rock your bal*s off.

Get Money

Don’t have a job? Bummer. You can get one. But first read these 5 things from Club Thrifty on what not to do when you’re looking for a job.

Good Financial Cents has this crazy post about 5 money mistakes you’ve made. And they’re mistakes that you might have no idea are happening to you! It’s all mental, dudes! Psychology!

At Planting Our Pennies there’s a little rant on Black Friday — but it goes further than that to cover any spending you may do. Worth a read if you’re out doing holiday shopping.

Get Rich Slowly has a post about saving for big expenses, like adopting. I never knew how much international adopting cost (thousands and thousands of bucks!). Someone in the comments said how adopting a kid locally costs usually nothing, or the state pays you to adopt! That sounds like the better deal to me. Kids here need parents and a home too. And it’s cheaper for your pocket book, too. And everyone’s all about local these days, right? So why is anyone adopting internationally?

ReindeerNo, I don’t decorate. But my wife does. And she liked this post by Little House in the Valley on frugal holiday decorating.

You’re getting ripped off every day. Every. Single. Day. Sucks, huh? Finance Fox thinks so too.

How much loot are you getting your kids this Christmas? Probably too much. See what Modest Money has to say.

Street Smart Finance asks why you want to be rich. Answer that question, and then click to read the post.

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