Blue Collar Roundup — Being Sick Edition

sick stuff 1What happens when you get really sick for weeks and don’t check in with your blogger buddies? You get less visitors, your alexa score goes up, and you feel like a jerk. Sorry dudes. My girls got sick, my wife got sick, and then I got sick. It sucked.

I’m mostly better now, so enjoy the photos of things sick people need/use, and click on some of these posts that I did find time and energy to read.

Oh, and stay healthy. Being sick sucks.

Money Money Money

You know how personal finance people talk about all these different ways to pay off debt? Ever wonder what the hell they’re talking about? Work Save Live’s got your back – he explains all these crazy schemes so that you can understand.

Frugal Rules has this post about stay-at-home moms. My wife will be getting a job when our girls both get into elementary school, but until then, she’s a stay-at-home mom. It’s tough making ends meet sometimes, but her and I both agreed that it was really what we wanted to do if we could! And I don’t think it’s easy either. I don’t know how she does all the cooking and cleaning and getting our girls where they need to go, and she’s still got a smile on her face! sick stuff 2

101 Centavos talks about the fiscal cliff. Did that sentence just put you in a coma? Wake up! You really should click over and read what he’s got to say. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll shrug – same government political sh*t, different day. 101 Centavos doesn’t disappoint!

You’ve insulated your house, you turn off lights when you’re not in rooms, you eat leftovers, and so now what? How can you pay even less each month in bills? Man Vs Debt has some answers.

How much would you pay to restore a piece of history? Planting Our Pennies could’ve spent thousands – what’s it all worth to you?

sick stuff 5Think you can’t ski and be frugal? Think again! Evolving Personal Finance shows you the way!

My life and More talks about the debt movement.  Join the movement and make it happen!

Give me Back My Five Bucks has a not-so-great start to 2013. Dipping in the ol’ emergency fund sucks, but, it’s what it’s there for, right?

The sales just go on and on, don’t they? “Before Thanksgiving sale!” “Black Friday sale!” “Cyber Monday sale!” “Before Christmas sale!” “After the holidays sale!” “New Years sale!” Not being Canadian, I didn’t know about the “Boxing Day sale!” They always think of something, don’t they? Timeless Finance has a little rant that’s worth checking out.

Little House in the Valley talks about the balance transfer game with credit cards. Should you do it? Will it help you out? Click on over there and find out!

So you’re gonna DIY something but are pissed off about how much materials will cost? Don’t be! Add Vodka has the right idea – get materials off Craigs List or Ebay! sick stuff 3

Cool Stuff

My sister likes to run and she’s talked about barefoot running stuff. Confused about what it’s all about? Fearless Men got you covered.  Click on over and let them school you on barefoot running.

What happens when your internet goes down? Plowing Through Life proves that you can survive it. You can.

Didn’t get that promotion, huh? Sucks. Untemplater has the best way(s) to handle not getting that promotion, from her personal experience.

I had this post on quitting smoking a little while ago. Freeat33 has this post on quitting smoking, too! It’s resolution time, dudes, and so if you smoke, you need to read up on how to do it right and make 2013 the year!

Prairie Eco Thrifter always has good posts. Every freaking time you go there, there’s something awesome to read. Want a cheap and fun hobby? Check out the list over there. For my family and me, it’s hiking that we do. LOTS of it. It’s always free, it’s fun, and we get to spend time together – what’s better than that?

sick stuff 4Shopping bulimia? I didn’t know what that meant either. LBee and the Money Tree explains it and also tells you what you can do about it.

I had a post on a New Year’s Resolution. Funny About Money did too, well actually, she had a post about old New Year’s resolutions and seeing how many she actually did.

Cool Bloggers

Modest Money put me in a roundup.


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