Blue Collar Roundup — Arsty Fartsy Fall Photos Edition

Welcome to the newest edition of the blue collar roundup! It’s fall out and the leaves are changing colors and so I took some pictures of the changing leaves. I even got a little artsy fartsy with it. That’s how awesome I am.

Fall Colors_5

C’mon dudes, this is damn arty

Before we get rollin’ I wanted to do something new this time and send a “Hey you guys are awesomely radical!” to the top 3 bloggers who’ve sent readers my way. They might not know it but their blogs are like high-speed freeways to my site — thanks dudes! :-)

  1. Funny About Money
  2. Jeremy from Modest Money
  3. JD (and company) from Get Rich Slowly

Runnerup: Daisy from When Life Gives you Lemons, Add Vodka

So You Want More Money?

Mr. Money Mustache gives you the info you need to know why you’re not retiring early. So get out there and mow your own lawn!

Freedom Thirty Five asks, how affordable is beer in the country you live in? Hint: If you live in India, you’re being screwed.

Fall Colors_4Andrea at So Over This asks, how does debt hold you back? We make our own shackles, dudes, and it sucks.

Money and sex. How do they relate? Oh c’mon, you know you wanna know. Thanks L Bee and the Money Tree.

What costs more — eating out for lunch everyday or your daily commute? Moneylicious has the delicious answer you need to hear!

Could you walk away from a $200K checkGood Financial Cents did — go see if that makes him a chump or an awesome dude.

Frugal Rules thinks that budgeting is like potty training. Both stink at first. Lots of mistakes and messes. But in the end, it’s pretty rewarding.

Kristen over at Get Rich Slowly brings up the disorder of being a shopaholic. What do you think of that? Valid or complete B.S.? “Gag me with a credit card and put me on layaway” -My favorite saying as a kid when I wanted to mock mall chicks.Fall Colors_1

Bog of Debt tells the story of a trip to Walmart and the never ending wait for a price check. Don’t let Walmart get the better of you!

So you want more money at work, huh? It’s fall out, pretty leaves and all that crap — when people are in a good mood, they’ll probably listen as you ask for a raise. So do it. But read advice from Add Vodka first.

Sam at Financial Samurai gives the details on buying a car, and knowing how much you should spend. It’s simple, people, and of course, most Americans are spending way too much.

Eddie from Finance Fox asks a foxy question — should you be vacationing when you’re still in debt?

Fall ColorsFrugal Portland has a big ol’ question — buy a house or wait?

Making Sense of Cents has some ideas to make Christmas cheaper and more meaningful. My family is trying Yankee Swap this year.

The conversation you’re not having. Wonder what it is? Check out Becoming Minimalist to find out.

So You Want to be Awesomer?

Sam from Financial Samurai guest posted on Untemplater about finding a sanctuary to keep you out of the nuthouse. Right on, man, right on.

Little House in the Valley asks, is it bad luck, or are you just a fricking idiot? Well, she didn’t ask it like that, but I am. C’mon, are you having a “run of bad luck” or did you just make so many dumb choices that natural events aren’t going so well for you? Be honest, dudes.Fall Colors_3

Are you a dude? Do you have a job? Here’s 7 things from The Free Financial Advisor that you should never say at that job. I’d like to add to that list, “looks like someone has a case of the mondays.”

So You Want to Read Other Cool Stuff?

Funny About Money has some unfunny thoughts on medication use in the U.S. Are you on a medication? You probably are. Come read about it.

Jeremy at Modest Money has some advice on the business of link building. Guess what? Not all links are created equal.

A Little Unhinged has a little advice on a little thing called inbound links. You know you want more of those, so give it a look-see.

Prairie Eco Thrifter brings up a GREAT point about the new iphone 5 that all the iphone yuppies may be forgetting. Better check it out. Whether or not you’re a yuppy. :-)

Other Coolness

Jeremy put me in a roundup at Modest Money and Frugal Rules put me in a roundup. So did Funny About MoneyEdward Antrobus, and Fix Em Up Rent Em Out. You guys rock my world! I was in a couple others, but I don’t always remember to tag them. Sorry dudes.Fall Colors_2


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  1. Nice arty pics, I like the colours. I almost forgot about the arrival of fall. I looked outside the office one day and realized all the leaves on the trees have gone red. Surprising how quickly it happened. Thank for the mention :)
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