I go by the name TB and am your regular blue collar guy.  I’m 36 years old and work hard doing carpentry, welding, painting, snow plowing, and any other odd job to put food on the table for my wife and two daughters.  We live in a small house in a big U.S. city, and between raising my daughters, my wife going back to school, and working for all sorts of people, there are a lot of stories to tell!



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    • It’s funny because I’ve been thinking of switching careers too, well, maybe not switching careers, but switching who I work for. It’s always greener on the other side :-) Hey man, if you want to get out from behind the desk to a more active job, I support you; of course, in my business the problem is that illegal workers grab up much of the jobs and work for cheap… makes it hard to make a living and support my family!

    • Haha, yeah, there’s some things, but with so many mechanics and fix-it men lying to people, it’s hard to blame people for not knowing what the deal is!

  1. Hey TB. Came across your article on how to protect your car from being stolen or your house from being burgled. Really enjoyed the articles. However I realised very quickly that you must be from overseas. I live in South Africa, and while I absolutely freaking love my country and recommend it to everyone, I am constantly amazed by how ballsy our criminals are. They don’t care who is looking, who can see them, if there is an alarm, if there are people home – doesn’t matter. All comes down to luck and just making your stuff look less appealing than your neighbors. One of the biggest problems we have had recently is guys jumping your wall and stealing all four car tyres…of every car on the property! And thats just the tip of the ice berg. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Great read. Regards Gen

    • That sucks! You can buy things (at least here in America) that actually lock your tires on so they can’t be easily taken. Also, can’t you put barbed wire or broken bottles on top of your wall so that it’s harder for them to get in? Motion detecting flood lights are good too, although I understand that may they don’t care about that.

      Wonder if you can buy a big stereo that makes a gun cock sound. Might scare someone off too.

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