Being on the Road All Day

Being out on the road a lot is cool because I’m not stuck in some building all day.  But it also sucks because I have to be in traffic all day, especially when I have jobs in the city.

Two weeks ago I was driving to a job site and some guy on the road side swiped my company truck.  We were going over 55 mph!  I pulled over, but he just kept going.  I didn’t get his plate number which sucks because he screwed up the side mirror pretty good (see photo)!

Good thing I'm not superstitious

Just last week I was in bumper-to-bumper traffic and nobody was going anywhere.  I was in the right lane and left a couple car lengths in front of me so I wouldn’t rear-end the guy in front of me.  Some lady came up on the shoulder of the road to my right, she was just driving on the shoulder like it was a lane!  And then she cut right in front of me where I had left a couple car lengths.

I got so mad, because we’re all waiting here and this lady thinks she’s more important than the rest of us, and this is where I did something I shouldn’t have.  I got out on the shoulder and passed her up and started to get back in front of her.  She sped up to not let me in, but it was too late and we side-swiped each other.  I could tell right away that my truck wasn’t too damaged, but her white Jeep Liberty was destroyed on the side (later when I looked at my truck I saw the whole side was smeared white where we hit!)

It was my fault and I knew it, I shouldn’t have done that.  So I put on my turn signal, got onto the shoulder, and got off at the next exit (it was right there).  And she didn’t even stop!  She got back onto the shoulder at first so I thought she was going to follow me, but she didn’t get off at the exit, she just went on like nothing happened, using the shoulder as her own private lane again!

I called the police anyway and told them that I had been in an accident and it was my fault, but that the lady didn’t stop.  They took my name and said they’d call if the lady called them, but otherwise, they said not to worry about it.  I admit it was my fault and I shouldn’t have done that, but I still think she was the crazy one!


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