An Ode to Beer — Blue Collar Roundup Style

I like a nice brew sometimes when I get home from a long day’s work. And a “nice” brew to me is really any brew at all. Cheap, expensive, domestic, foreign. And so I would like to dedicate this blue collar roundup to beer. Cheap beer. And all that it likes to do and can do. In Homer Simpson’s words, “Beer–is there anything it can’t do?” (well actually, he said, “donuts” and not beer, but I think he’d be okay with my word change there).

Beer likes to hang out and party with his buddies

Money money money — want more of it, but how to do that?

At Simple Debt Free Finance, they were offered a deal by a creditor. Skip one monthly payment for no penalty. Pretty sweet deal or hidden bum deal?

Funancials took the sunk cost idea and brought it to other realms, dudes. Leave a movie theater early? Dump that chick even though you’ve been together for 8 good years? If you’re in misery, do it. Don’t get caught in this sunk cost thinking trap.

Marie teaches about umbrella insurance. And she’s right, our society is sue-happy. But what’s next? Umbrella insurance for our umbrella insurance for our insurance? How many levels do we go before just throwing our hands up and calling the system broken? (Nice new look, Prairie Eco Thrifter).

How do you feel about borrowing money to invest? Afford Anything has the thoughts of two Yale professors to tell you what to do.

Beer cares about proper oral hygiene

So what’s your excuse today? Too tired to exercise? Too many unexpected expenses to start getting out of debt? Debts and Taxes (and me) are tired of your excuses. Get off your duff and get things done!

Jeremy at Modest Money has a giveaway going down. Free stuff is good stuff so go get some free stuff.

Random stuff – but don’t let “random” make you think “no good,” cuz there’s good stuff in here!

Andrea at So Over Debt had a run-in with Comcast. Is anyone surprised? If you’ve got a problem with a company don’t forget that you can contact the Better Business Bureau and they really get results FAST!

Quality content is the most important thing you can do for your blog, right? Right. What happens when you get stuck though? Out of ideas. Not a problem for me yet because every day I deal with new clients and tenants that are a mountain of post ideas, but if you’re not lucky enough to be a blue collar dude like myself (haha!!), then listen to Jeremy’s advice on what to do when you’re out of ideas.

Have you ever made a mistake at work? You know, like reading a blog when you should be working and missing a deadline because of it… Here’s some advice that Daisy has for not handling your mistakes like a douche.

I wrote a post recently about supporting teachers. But this post from Funny About Money makes me re-think that. Not because we shouldn’t support teachers, but because we need to support a lot more than that. We need to support some honesty, some responsibility, some “the buck stops here” mentality… but that’s hard to do when our leaders are not honest, not responsible and the buck does not stop there.

Beer likes to teach cats about exercise

Mush and gush:

Goals help you do things in life. Right? Well. Sometimes. Depends if you’re making good goals. Not all goals are good ones and Anthony knows the difference.

Leo Babauta had a post about how “killing time” isn’t such a great phrase. Know when you’re stuck in traffic and think you should make calls or do something with your time? Stop that. Sitting in your car is what you’re doing with your time. So just sit, relax, think about stuff, and enjoy your time, dudes! “Life is for living, not productivity.”

Martha at Plowing Through Life dealt and deals with toxic people. I bet you do, too. But do you deal with them as good as her?

Matt Madeiro has the idea that we shouldn’t forget to not care. Not care about what people think of us. Have more fun, remember what an imagination is like, and not care what people think of it. Now go jump on a bed, you’re a grown-up now, so mom can’t tell you to stop.

Beer likes to sleep in on the weekend

From decluttering your house to decluttering your mind. The house is probably not so hard, you can see clutter easily…but you’re mind?  Untemplater has some tough work ahead of her.

Good stuff for me, not helpful for you:

Funny About Money put me in a roundup, thanks! And what’s this? A second roundup ? Yep, I got in a second Funny About Money roundup. Totally awesome, man.

Modest Money put me in a roundup, too, thanks man!

I was in a roundup by Invest it Wisely, too. Thanks, dude!



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  1. That’s such a cute little… pet you have there! I have to admit that, budget willing, I like the pricey stuff (NOT horrible craft or local micro-brew dreck, but the stuff straight out of Ireland. Splurge and get a Murphy’s Irish Red sometime or a Smithwick’s) but when it comes down to it, any beer is better than no beer, and beer is kind of a requirement, right? ;o)
    444 recently posted..Update on the updatesMy Profile

  2. I’m all for cheap beer too. It still does the trick, especially after a hard day of work. I don’t get too many of those days working on a computer, but it sure was nice while helping a friend move yesterday. It really gives you motivation to finish each load faster to get to the beer break.

    By the way, awesome beer photos lol.
    Modest Money recently posted..How To Save Money While MovingMy Profile

  3. Hahaha…I got a real kick out of those pictures! Thanks for the laugh. Is that your cat? I have a black cat exactly like that one; maybe she’d do what I want her to do if I bribed her with beer.

    Another great collection of links that I can check out. And thanks for adding my post to it.
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