American Graffiti

Sometimes when you see graffiti, you see it in the same place for a long time.  It costs money to cover up graffiti and can be a low priority for a property manager if they’re dealing with bigger emergencies. But eventually they get around to getting someone to cover up graffiti.

Maybe not as startling as gunshots or as satisfying as revenge, but removing graffiti has its own rewards.  Well actually, it just pays the bills…but it is rewarding to see the paycheck!

Another use for lipstick

This gazebo in this neighborhood had spray paint and Sharpie marker graffiti all over it. There were racist slurs and some weird words written in lipstick. I think sometimes people don’t know what they’re writing, they just get a thrill in doing something “bad” like that.

Signing his work?

Fixing graffiti on something like this gazebo wasn’t too difficult, it made for a pleasant day to be honest. First, I painted the gazebo (it needed the paint anyway) with a paint called Kilz. Like in previous posts, I’m linking to this company so you can check them out if you’ve got your own graffiti situation to deal with, but I’m not getting anything from Kilz to promote them (although, as always, I’d be happy to promote Kilz in every post for a nominal fee! :-) )

You use the Kilz primer first, and then top that with an exterior paint of your choosing. It’s good to do it this way so that the spray paint doesn’t leach through. Easy as that!

Of course when the graffiti is on concrete it’s not quite so simple, but for me yesterday, painting a gazebo in suburbia to cover up random graffiti was a nice break from all the foreclosures and excrement!



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  1. Yes sounds much more enjoyable than some of your other jobs you’ve written about. The problem with covering up graffiti is that it is most often just a temporary fix. Those very same people will see it as an opportunity to leave more graffiti. So I could see why people would take their time dealing with it.
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  2. Only problem with covering up graffiti is it doesn’t stop people from putting graffiti up again. I see this all the time where people will paint over it and a week or two later there is more graffiti in the same spot.
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