Ambulance Chasers

I spend about half my workday on the road, driving between job sites. So for an 8 hour workday, I’m in the truck for 4 hours.

Traffic is always the worst in the morning and evening when all the white collared dudes and dudettes are going to work and going home. In the middle of the day, most of the traffic is other blue collar guys going to job sites, just like me.


If an ambulances lights are flashing, you should never be close enough behind one to read the back.

What do I hate more than douchebag clients or tenants? Douchebag drivers.

The other day on the freeway, there was an ambulance coming up behind me. All the cars, myself included, moved over to the right lane and slowed down.

This is a good thing. Ambulances are out there trying to save lives! Get out of their way!

But what really gets me mad is when I see cars driving right behind the ambulance – taking advantage of all the pulled-over traffic so that they can get where they’re going faster. The other day when this ambulance came up, there were probably 10 or 15 cars drafting behind the ambulance!

It’s a really big douche move.

Do they think they’re better than everyone else? They have somewhere more important to get?

It’s dangerous! It makes more accidents! And it’s just disrespectful and thoughtless.

Don’t be a douche driver, don’t chase ambulances.

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Ambulance Chasers — 21 Comments

  1. These drivers are taking advantage of the situation yet endangering their lives too. They are not making a wise move instead a risky one.This thing really craps out of me as they are selfless and senseless drivers on the road.
    Jacque Raine recently posted..Famous GuatemalansMy Profile

    • Oh man I know! Do they think we’re not all waiting in line to get through the construction? What gives them the right to try and bypass it all??

  2. Amen! We’ve got plenty of deuchebag drivers here in L.A. I haven’t seen any ambulance drafters myself, but if I were to not pay any attention when crossing the street I would be dead 15 times over in the same month. Every other day someone does something stupid and innocent people suffer.
    Gene recently posted..Rain and AccidentsMy Profile

    • Haha, actually, I think the term does come from lawyers chasing potential clients … I sorta took the term over with a different meaning. Well sort of. Both types of chasers suck!

  3. I’ve got no problem pulling over to let the ambulance by. But what I can never figure out is why I’m supposed to pull over when I’m on the other side of the road! Especially when there is a median in the middle and the ambulance couldn’t get to my lane if they wanted to! But I see it all the time and feel like a jerk if I don’t pull over as well.
    Edward Antrobus recently posted..How to Save Money on Gas PricesMy Profile

  4. One or two people, you might figure they were family members or friends following the victim to the hospital. But ten or fifteen? Quite the tribe the victim has, eh?

    So, here’s a question:

    Which state has the craziest drivers?

    My money is on Arizona, where every driver is a cowboy who’s just learned to text and can’t set his phone down. SDXB believes the winner is Texas, where the cowboys are driven insane by the sight of a freeway.

    My pet peeve just now is the morons who pass you on the right as you’re flying up a freeway on-ramp. I usually hit the freeway at 65 or 70 mph, so I’m not letting the grass grow under my tires while I’m entering the freeway from the on-ramp. But about a third of the time, darned if some cretin doesn’t try to shoot around me, squeezing between the shoulder and my van.

    Then there are the morons who see you coming onto the freeway on a short on-ramp (one of our freeways is retrofitted and so has a bunch of stupid features, among them several on-ramps that peter out about after about 200 feet). So the idiot sees you’re trying to merge into the right-hand lane, and what does he do? He speeds up so you can’t get in front of him!

    I’ve actually had people try to push me off the road doing that.
    Funny about Money recently posted..Have I Found My Calling in Life?My Profile

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