Adding Vomit to a Crawlspace

Sometimes jobs are so disgusting that there’s nothing to do but throw up. Of course, I never imagine that a job will be that disgusting, but sometimes when things go wrong in homes, it’s horrifying. It was 3 years ago when I got called for a job in a townhouse (you may have noticed a pattern here, I do a lot of townhome work).

The owners of these two adjacent townhomes were complaining of a terrible smell in the first floor part of their homes. In these particular townhomes, the bathrooms from both of them all come down into a crawl space below them.  The piping comes down into a Y-joint meaning that everything that gets flushed from their toilets is funneled into this Y-area.  From there, everything goes to the sewer.

If you're gonna spew, spew into this.

In this case, the joint holding all this tubing together busted. So in the crawlspace below these 2 townhomes, everything they were flushing was just pouring out of the busted joint and piling up.  So who do you think had to go down there and fix it? You guessed right, me!

In the crawlspace, I had to both crouch and crawl to get to this busted joint…through about 3 feet of everything these two households had flushed…urine, excrement, tampons…

If the thought of it makes you sick, you can bet that having to crawl through it made me sick.  Literally.  I threw up 3 or 4 times down there because the smell was so awful and disgusting. It was one of those jobs where throwing up all over everything,  4 times!, didn’t make any difference. It was all so piled up and stinking anyway, what was some added puke?

I finally got back to the busted joint and fixed it. Then I put a bug bomb in there. I came back a day or two later and spread lime everywhere.  And then I came back a week later and cleaned it all out. It was one of the most disgusting jobs I had to do and it was not cool. Not cool.

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Reasons I know I’m a blue collar guy #1: I saw the image for this post at So Over Debt and before reading anything, I started thinking about how I would fix that kitchen.


Adding Vomit to a Crawlspace — 16 Comments

  1. I guess that it is not easy to work in this industry. I do not think I would like to have gone through what you did. Gross and potentially unsanitary, I bet you took a long shower after that job and washed your clothes too.

    One question, is all the bad stuff still in the crawlspace or did you have the unfortunate job of removing it too?
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  2. Damn that sounds like one nasty job. It beats anything I’ve ever seen on that world’s dirtiest jobs show. The fact that you had to crawl through it with your face so close must’ve been the worst part about it. I bet those people were a little embarrassed to look you in the eye after you just literally crawled through their crap. I hope you got paid well for that job. A weaker man might’ve just walked away from a job like that.
    Modest Money recently posted..Thank You For Irresponsible Credit Card UsageMy Profile

  3. That’s probably hands-down the most revolting thing I’ve read and will read this morning, even before breakfast. I don’t have anything much to top this. When I worked for a cleaning company, we cleaned out a female sorority college bathroom. It was was bad enough, but it pales by comparison with your deal there.
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