Not Exactly Music To My Ears

I want my girls to do well in school and work hard so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.  My oldest daughter is interested in playing an instrument, a flute, and I want her to be able to.  But man, flutes dude, they cost!

Exactly what the old Bundy looks like... except crooked

My mom played the flute and my sister played the flute.  My mom had this one flute, a Bundy (that’s the brand name,  not Al Bundy).  She gave it to my sister who played it until she got a better one.  My sister kept the Bundy for marching band, she said.  The Bundy now was given to my daughter who has been trying to play it.  When we took the Bundy to a music store, the guy said that the flute is on crutches (my sister agreed) and said that the thing is crooked!  He recommended getting my daughter a new one that’ll be easier to play.

I made sure my daughter was interested first.  We waited awhile, but she is definitely interested and so we got her a student flute for an insane $800.  The Bundy will be saved for marching band.  The guy at the music store said my daughter can take her new flute (that he cleaned and fixed up) to the end of junior high.  Then she could trade it in for an intermediate flute.  The intermediate flutes have open holes and should be diamond and gold encrusted for their cost of $1,500 (which my sister keeps saying is a normal price for that kind of flute).  We would actually just do that now, but we can’t afford it (especially since I got a $100 ticket for blowing a red light).

Do I look like I'm made of money?

We’ve got a few years to save now for the intermediate flute expense and we’ll make sure she’s still interested before spending the $1,500!  Totally free education in public schools? Ha!



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Not Exactly Music To My Ears — 6 Comments

  1. Instruments (and music lessons) are not cheap! I am a pianist and played clarinet and violin in high school. I was able to get fairly good deals on both my clarinet and violin for different reasons (neither were amazing instruments but they both more than did the trick) and then sold them again later. I traded my clarinet in towards one of my husband’s guitars and sold my violin for a couple hundred bucks earlier this year. They were difficult to part with but I knew honestly that I was not going to play them again. I’m surprised that her school doesn’t provide instruments though. Here it is customary for the school to loan out instruments to the students. I could have used a school’s clarinet but since I found a good deal and could afford it (myself) I just bought one cause it seemed less gross and easier to me. :)

    • I do have the selling of the flutes to look forward to when she’s done–good point! I think some schools here loan instruments, but not my daughters unfortunately.

  2. Yikes!

    My oldest daughter (8) keeps saying she wants to learn flute. Now I’m dreading that even more, thanks! 😉

    My wife and I spent a few months last year eyeing Craig’s list for a piano. Our effort was rewarded with a very nice upright in excellent condition offered by a church – for free!

    Of course, we had to move it ourselves, but that only cost me a couple of cases of beer for my friends who helped.

    I think Piano is a better 1st instrument anyway. It’s much more intuitive and can be played by a toddler, albeit not well.. guitar is a good learning instrument too, but difficult for young children to grip and hold…

  3. I know the experience well. My daughter used my old flute then I had to buy her the expensive one. It was called a french flute….what did I know…never heard of such a thing. Anyhow, she got it and it had open holes for the keys. I thought with that much silver missing, it would be cheaper, but no. Anyhow, it worked out well and I never regretted spending the money and helping her continue in band. It was a great group of kids for her to be with in grade and high school. I never really had to worry about her hanging out with really nutty people…quirky, but not trouble makers.

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